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Grants List

General Classroom Grants

Teachers may apply for classroom grants for any subject or grade level, for amounts of $250, $500, or $1000, through the General Classroom Grants program.  Available funding is determined each year based on that year’s designated and undesignated donations, corporate gifts, and unrestricted interest.  Subject to income, the Foundation typically awards about $10,000 annually in endowed grants. Classroom grant requests for other grants, below, which are not funded will be considered for General Classroom Grants funding as well.

Friends of Eve Carson General Classroom Grant 

One $1000 grant for a classroom project in any area. 

C.B. Lord Founder’s General Classroom Grant

One $1000 grant for a classroom project in any area.

Mary and Harold P. Horton General Classroom Grant for Elementary School Teachers

One $500 grant for a classroom project in any area at the elementary school level.

Jenny Penney Oliver General Classroom Grant 

One $500 grant for a classroom project in any area.

Carrie Fischer Siegmund Grant for Classroom Innovation

One $500 grant will be awarded to an educator who seeks to inspire students through innovative, interdisciplinary, and applied learning opportunities that result in a long-lasting impact on students.

Carol Ann Colquitt Special Education Grant

One $500 grant supporting projects and activities designed to benefit special education students.

Todd Cooper Memorial Grant for Technology and Equipment

One $500 grant for the purchase of technology or equipment, including computer software.

Jimmy Morris Memorial Fine Arts Grant

Two $500 grants for classroom projects in the arts.

Lane Turner Norton Literacy Grant

One $500 grant for a classroom project related to basic and advanced literacy, reading, and/or technological literacy.

Eve Carson Service Learning Grant

Three $500 grants or one $1000 or one $500.


Applications for the Eve Carson Service Learning Grant should show evidence that:

  1. students will be actively involved in a thoughtfully organized service project that meets a clearly defined need of a community;

  2. the project connects with the academic curriculum of the school; and

  3. students will have a chance to develop a sense of civic responsibility by participating in the project.

Sara Orton Glickman Collaborative Project-Based Learning Grant

One $1000 grant to fund teachers working together to bring project-based and inquiry-centered learning to their students on a weekly basis for a semester or an entire school year.

This grant is awarded to two or more teachers, an entire grade level, department, or school committed to meaningful engagement of students in using their academic learning to better the larger community. The committee will give priority to:

  1. Regular classroom teachers using project-based and inquiry-centered learning in core academic subjects, including the arts.

  2. Classrooms with a significant percentage of students from low-income families.

  3. Projects that result in students applying their academic learning to real situations that provide value to a larger community beyond their own classroom

Arthur Moog Middleton Writing Grant for High School Teachers

One $500 grant to a teacher or teachers at Cedar Shoals HS or Clarke Central HS to underwrite projects that produce excellent student fiction and/or nonfiction.

Dr. Marty Carter Elementary Grant for Exceptional Children

$500 grant is presented to any elementary teacher or staff member. 

June Baldwin Turnell Aspiring Teacher Grant

$500 grant is presented each year to a non-certified Clarke County School District staff member seeking initial teaching certification. Please note: this is NOT a Classroom Grant. 

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