The Foundation for Excellence in Public Education honors outstanding teachers and administrators in the Clarke County School District. Each year, the Foundation presents thousands of dollars in awards and grants to educators and students, including awards listed below.

Application Process:

Step 1:


Nomination window open from

 March 29 - May 7

Nominations may be made by principals/supervisors, colleagues, students, parents, or community members. There is no limit to the number of nominations made by any one school.

Step 2:


CCSD nominees will be contacted on March 9th with directions on how to begin the application process.  Required information for completion includes: 

1) Education credentials

2) Contact information for letters of support

3) Any associated essays

*Essays not required for Stroud, Downs, or Horvat awards

Application window open from

Dates TBD

Step 3:



During the application phase, the CCSD employee who has been nominated will be asked to provide the names and email addresses of the designated individuals to allow the FFE to contact them for two (2) letters of support.  (Requirement is designated individuals are current or previous administrators, supervisors, co-workers, students, parents, or community members)

Application submission deadline is

Dates TBD

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